Cocoa has improved significantly. We have stopped letting her claim the doorway as her territory and we feel a lot more relaxed when guests come over. They barely even bark we when we come home! She still tries to climb on us when we walk in, but not as bad as before. We reward good behavior with treats and everything is going well INSIDE the home. We still need to do more training interacting with other dogs. We are hoping that by late summer we will be able to pick up where we left off. I thank you so much for your professionalism and this miracle that we thought we would never see! --Gabby of Reston



It was incredible for us to see what Kaiser is capable of doing once his “owners” are trained! We had accepted the fact that we could not have people come to our house, or walk Kaiser down the street without being in fear that he may lunge at someone. To see what could be done in just two hours truly was an eye opening experience! We are excited to work with you and look forward to our upcoming sessions as we work on behavior modification together. -Jon & Kim of Centreville


About a month ago you came to our house to help train Sara, our black lab/vizsla rescue. You showed us how to use "the zone" when someone comes to the door as a means of taming her jumping and craziness. We've been working on it with her, and today, when the doorbell rang, Sara went straight to the zone on her own! She didn't stay, but did return when I sent her. I was just amazed. Thank you! Along those lines, I'd like to schedule some training sessions with you after the holidays. I know there's a great dog trapped inside this crazy rescue puppy. --Janeen of Herndon