Does your dog rush the door?

Rushing the door in excitement to greet guests is all too common. Unfortunately, owners and their guests alike have actually reinforced this gregarious ritual unknowingly. When we allow it to continue or we consistently bark at our dog to stop, either is attention. Isn't attention a goal of every dog? Visitor's help us out with further reinforcement of this inappropriate behavior if they receive the dog with open arms. If a guest stands just inside the door, bends over happily staring and talking to Happy or Lucky, they couldn't do a better job of ensuring she will come racing back for more, again and again! Futher, Timber is controlling the threshold by maintaining space with his gregarious behavior. Our dogs begin to view that space and potential others as theirs. This empowers them as a Leader while dampening the necessary role as follower. Alas, there is an answer (but you may need professional help to get it right) by teaching the dog to go to a place far from the door to await a calm, controlled greeting. It's important for dogs to sniff our guests when they "request" to enter the domicile. Yes it's your house and as Leader you decide who may enter. However, allowing dogs to partake in an instinctual ritual such as this is enriching. It's one more way to allow dogs to have a semblance of canine, innate behavior. In English: we are letting Bronco be a dog! The benefit for us is keeping the relationship of Leader/follower in tact by helping our dog to know what is expected of him and when he carries out the behavior, he shall be justly rewarded