How do I get my dog to Stay?

Michael Peer, Dog Behavior Specialist, Reston, Va: Posted on Sunday, June 23, 2013 12:10 AM

Our pet dogs love to be with us, all the time. If they had their way they would be with us or near 24 hrs a day. So when teaching your dog to Stay and then walking away from him becomes difficult because he wants to go with you. One way to help your dog to Stay is putting her into a Down position. This helps to keep Tootsie there because it takes more effort to get up. Dogs also are more comfortable when lying down. When you do manage to leave your dog make it momentary. By this I mean leave for a split second and return immediately praising Lucky. Always give a firm command before you step off by Hand & Voice. Don't take your eye off of him because he will break the held position. Slowly increase distance and duration as your dog progresses. Try not to involve distance and duration at the same time at first because they can prove too much for your dog. The other dreaded "D" is distraction. Everyone sees how dogs are easily distracted all the time. If possible work with your dog where there are few. Remain positive throughout. BoBo will let his behavior show you when you are moving too fast. Simply return to the point where you were last successful and remain patient. Always praise and reward your dog for small accomplishments.